3HTP has 20 years of experience in information technology services. We have a strong knowledge base on issues of integration and messaging between platforms (Middleware Platforms Enterprise) used in those organizations that, due to the heterogeneity of their systems, require infrastructures to be able to communicate their processes at a transactional and business level.

In recent years we have been focused on a transition process to accompany our clients in the evolution and generation of a new hybrid business architecture that goes from the traditional to a new Middleware in Cloud or Multi Cloud, maintaining some on-premise elements.


Modernization, application remodeling and use of containerization technologies middleware (Docker / Kubernetes)

Adoption in the cloud, storage and migration of applications and operation models.

Design and implementation of containerization platforms.

Design and implementation of APIs.

Design and implementation of development methodologies for native solutions in the cloud.

Cloud Enterprise architecture for serverless applications.

DevOps / DevSecOps adoption model rather than traditional, such as cloud-native and hybrid architecture

The design and implementation of DevOps solutions for legacy environments such as iSeries Cobol / RPG

Adoption, implementation and maturity of DevOps capabilities with CoE consolidations: ALM, CI / CT / CD, Virtualization.