AWS Cognito

AWS Cognito

Cognito for User Authentication

Cognito is the proposal that Amazon offers among its services to organizations to reduce the investment of time and effort in the development of the authentication platform for their applications.

Whether it is web or mobile, you will find the configuration of databases, servers, and a set of tasks associated largely with the authentication process of the users who will use your application.

This process must be carried out very carefully as it is necessary to guarantee the security of your users’ personal data and at the same time have a robust platform that can scale quickly and safely as the number of users who use your application grows…

It is at this point that Cognito can be of great help presenting itself mainly as a tool with features focused on the large-scale user authentication process and even the synchronization of their data. These characteristics are User Groups and Identity Groups.

Usergroups are directories on Amazon that allow users to obtain enrollment and login service in your application and include levels of security such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), credential verification, email, and phone verification. Login through third parties is also possible using an identity provider (IdP) such as Facebook, Google, Login with Amazon, and log in with Apple or through SAML and OIDC identity providers.

Identity Groups allow users to obtain temporary credentials to access Amazon services such as S3 and DynamoDB, these need to be integrated with user groups to save profile information. Users can authenticate with Cognito User Groups, Facebook, Google and log in with Amazon, in addition to providers such as OIDC and SAML

Another highlight of Cognito is a large number of users it can support, reaching numbers of millions of users, with costs that vary according to the number of active users per month (MAU). In addition, the configurations that must be made to establish user authentication in your application are quite simple, even be done without the need to write a single line of code.

In conclusion, Cognito is a service for the authentication of users on a small and large scale with quite robust and easy to configure features, whose main objective is that its developers focus mainly on developing without worrying about authentication issues and all the effort associated with this type of activity.

Renzo Disi

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